“I’ve had the good fortune to receive excellent training and supervision throughout my years as a therapist and I have a deep appreciation for the importance of doing longer-term, depth therapy. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with many different clients from various backgrounds as they worked to their goals of empowerment. As times have changed and the emphasis in mental health training has shifted to brief modalities of care, the art of depth therapy is often overlooked as a viable treatment option. As a result of changes in formal therapist training, it becomes even more important to provide training and supervision that focuses on working deeply with clients, so that new generations of therapists can continue to provide meaningful therapeutic experiences to their clients. I’m pleased to offer an in-house residency program as well as supervision and training opportunities at J.R Moore Associates Counseling & Psychological Services.” 

Dr. Jeffrey Moore, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, NCC, DCC, Clinical Director

  • Do you have a master’s degree or higher in Social Work, Psychology or Counseling?
  • Do you have a strong understanding of theory, knowledge of self and motivation to work deeply with clients?
  • Are you willing to participate in a process group with fellow therapists to further your own self-awareness and impact on clients?
  • Can you recruit your own clients through networking and marketing efforts in the community?
  • Do you have another source of income while you do your residency?
  • Are you or have you been in psychotherapy?

​If you answered YES to all of these questions we welcome your application.

Are You Ready?

J.R. Moore Associates holds psychotherapy as a powerful tool of transformation and healing so with that power comes responsibility. Therefore, J.R. Moore Associates believes that those who practice assume an immense responsibility of their impact on their clients and J.R. Moore Associates wants that impact to be positive.
J.R. Moore Associates wants to help prepare those seeking to sit with clients with knowledge and experience so that their work can contribute positively to the people they serve, the profession and the world. How well the therapist knows his or her issues and attends to them greatly affects the therapeutic process.

In these times of managed care with an emphasis on short-term therapies, those entering the field with visions of practicing psychotherapy are often discouraged. For many in the licensure phase, opportunities to practice psychotherapy are limited and often confined to brief counseling or case management models. 

During your residency at J.R. Moore Associates, you will receive what you need to complete your application for licensure including:

  • Clinical Hours
  • Individual and Group Supervision
  • Continuing Education
  • Marketing

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Not only will you receive a unique experience in a beautiful practice setting and meet the requirements for licensure, you’ll be able to begin your process to open a private practice. 

What We Believe About New Therapists

In response to this need J.R. Moore Associates developed a postgraduate training and residency program for psychotherapists emphasizing working with clients in deeper ways. Psychotherapists are selected in a competitive selection process based on a candidate’s strong understanding of theory, knowledge of self and motivation to work deeply with clients.


J.R. Moore Associates financially compensates our residents in training. After a 3-month trial period, each face-to-face clinical hour is paid at an hourly rate. We also provide liability insurance. It’s important to remember that even though you will receive some compensation you will need to have an alternate source of income to make ends meet.

To apply for admission in the Residency Program, please note the following requirements for a complete application package.

  • Submit an application
  • Submit a resume
  • Submit a letter of intent
  • Submit two letters of recommendations

Application packages, in general, will not be considered by the Residency Program until the above requirements are met. Applicants deemed to have acceptable requirements are required to participate in an admission interview. Candidates participating in the interview may be given one of three evaluations a) admit, b) admit on probation, or c) denied. Applicants are notified of their admission status by mail and email within two weeks of the completion of the interview.

Supervision & Residency